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Mascot Clubs meet the needs of families in the Paradise Valley Unified School District by providing a safe and fun place for children to be before school, after school, on recess days and during summer.  The site manager at each school is a professional with specialized training in school-age child care.  Our staff members may be college students pursuing their education degrees, paraprofessionals from other district programs, or other adults who have experience with and an interest in working with children.  The staff is assisted by high school students enrolled in PV Schools career training program.  The staff benefits from training offered through the AZ Center for After School Excellence.


The safety of the children is our first priority.  To assure the highest standards, all Mascot Club sites are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as child care facilities.  Each site is equipped with its own first-aid kit and manual, and every staff member is certified in first-aid and CPR.  Walkie-talkies keep the staff in constant touch with the site manager in case of emergency.


The program of activities is rich and varied.  Using the theory of multiple intelligences as a philosophical basis, activities are offered to cultivate children's talents and interest in many diverse areas.  Our lesson plans are aligned with the Arizona Center for After School Quality Standards.  Mascot Clubs are active places with many choices.


Mascot Clubs operate before and after regular school hours, opening at 6:30 am until 30 minutes prior to school start time; hours after school are from school dismissal until 6:30 pm.  On early dismissal days, Mascot Clubs open early to offer care to all children in the school community (pre-registration required).  For summer break and most school recess days and holidays, we offer a full-day camp experience with the same high standards exhibited during the school year.  
Children enrolled in the Mini Scholars, Little Scholars and Montessori Pre-K programs are eligible to attend Mascot Club during the school year, for an additional fee at most locations.  The Mascot Camp option is not available for three-year-olds. 


Registration for Mascot Clubs and Camps is accepted in-person only at our Community Education offices at 15032 N 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ  85032.
Students will be able to attend Mascot Clubs and Camps three business days after the date of registration in our offices.  
For more information, please call Community Education at (602) 449-2200, (602) 449-2201 or (602) 449-2202 .  Mascot Clubs are funded solely by program fees.  If you need assistance with fees, contact the Department of Economic Security at (602) 569-4719.

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